Price calculation:

For assignments invoiced according to accrued time, the Law firm has the following hourly rates for the different categories, at present:

Associate:                   NOK 1.500 – 1.800 + VAT

Senior associate:       NOK 1.500 – 2.200 + VAT

Partner:                       NOK 2.500 – 4.000 + VAT

For private clients the rates inclusive of 25% VAT are:

Associate:                   NOK 1.875 – 2.250

Senior associate:       NOK 1.875 – 2.750

Partner:                       NOK 2.500 – 4.000

When calculating the fee, the Law firm will comply with the rules of the Norwegian Bar Association.

In addition to the accrued fee, the Client will be debited accrued expenses, including, but not limited to, court fees and other public fees, obtaining documentation and transport costs and per diem expenses. Such costs will be documented at the Client’s request.

Regarding transport, the lawyer may choose the means of transportation most expedient.

Please note that re-invoicing of costs normally means that VAT is added.


  • Clarify if possible your aim for the assignment in advance. Many identify a problem without having clarified what they want to achieve. The aim for the assignment is often targeted together with the lawyer, nevertheless it can be appropriate to have given it some thought before a lawyer is called upon.
  • Bring an overview of your own contact details, possible counter parts and other parties involved in the case.
  • Prepare a written chronological presentation of the facts of the case. Bring copies of the relevant documents. It is an advantage if the documents are sorted in a separate chronological survey.
  • If original documents can be of relevance, these should be brought along together with a copy.
  • Bring along other material relevant to illustrate the case (e.g. pictures, brochures, your own notes).
  • It is often an advantage if materiel is posted or brought along electronically.
  • Clarify in advance with the lawyer if a meeting should be combined with an on-site inspection, or should be conducted in a place with access to the relevant facts.
  • Check your own insurance policies for legal aid schemes and bring or send possible insurance papers.

Under all circumstances we will try to be accommodating in order for the communication to become as efficient as possible.